Online Course Policies & Procedures

A listing of policies related to E-Learning courses at MCNY. 

1. Net – Etiquette Guidelines

MCNY has specified the following guidelines for participation in the threaded discussion/forum area and chat rooms.  Remember that in the absence of face-to-face communication it's easy to misunderstand what is being said. 

  • Carefully review and read materials that you receive electronically to ensure that you fully understand the message;
  • Be sure to carefully re-read and understand what you will be sending in order to ensure that you are not misunderstood by anyone;
  • Avoid cluttering your messages with excessive emphasis (stars, arrows, exclamations);
    If you are responding to a message, either include the relevant part of the original message in your message, or make sure refer to the original's contents so as to avoid confusion;
  • Be specific and clear, especially when asking questions;
  • If your messages can be typed in UPPER and lower case, please use the two appropriately instead of all UPPERCASE characters.  This gives the appearance of shouting and makes the message less readable;
  • Remember that not all readers have English as their native language, so make allowance for possible misunderstandings and unintended discourtesies;
  • Do not abuse new users of computer networks for their lack of knowledge;
  • Follow the same standards of politeness as you do in any other aspect of your life.